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Good meat that's good for you doesn't have to be expensive! Rest assured that when you feed your families with food from our store that it has come from a real farm with farmers and ranchers that care about the animals. You would be getting essential meal ingredients from Jidori Chicken, Compart Heritage Pork, Marinsun Farms and Santa Carota beef.


In this you will receive:


2lb ground beef

2 x 2 pasture raised chicken breast filets

2 heritage breed pork chops

2 heritage breed pork steaks

4 pasture raised boneless chicken thighs

8 breakfast sausages 

4 featherblade burgers 

2 Kickin chicken kebabs 

4 bonus burgers!


All sourced from the same farms that we use in store, always pasture raised, never GMO, or fed hormones etc. The store value of this would be approximately $135.

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