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The easy way to enjoy Community Supported Agriculture without having to buy the whole steer or find friends to share it with you. What we do here is cherry pick some of the best bits of a side of beef and condense it down into a monthly supply, meaning you can savor beautiful pasture raised beef, save money doing it, all without having to buy a freezer to store it all in!


In this you will receive:


5lb grass finished beef

2 Marinsun Farms pasture raised ribeyes

4 grass finished burgers

2 large shank ossobucco slices

3lb chuck roast

5lb beef broth bones

1lb grass finished tallow (rendered beef fat) 


All from Marinsun Farms pasture raised grass finished sides of beef that we butcher ourselves in store. The store value of this would be approximately $220.

Mini CSA Box

Price Options
One-time purchase
Mini CSA Box
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$157.50every month until canceled
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