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Our Mission


Our mission is simple. Using traditional methods and practices of the age-old craft of butchery we provide the public with delicious, beautifully prepared, ethically reared and sustainably sourced meat in return for a fair price. In doing so we will arm our customers with the knowledge, understanding and means to make informed choices about the meat they eat. We commit to being completely transparent about where we source our meat, and the techniques and processes we use to bring it to your table. It starts with the grassroots, the farmers and their land, the way the animals are treated, what they eat and the space they roam. Then its over to us, and how we carefully choose, age, cut, prepare and display our meat. The cherry on the cake is the service we provide. We encourage and embrace questions and conversation about the ethics of eating meat, including the impact on both the environment, animals and our bodies. We advocate 


choosing and eating only the finest produce that is properly and naturally raised, free from chemicals of any kind. This means you can enjoy meat that is cruelty-free, nutrient rich, and above all, delicious! We get to make an honest living doing something we believe in, and our customers are able to join us in that journey, enjoying flavoursome meat the way it was supposed to be, from real farms with principles that match our own. A real win/win situation!


What does it mean?


Featherblade is the English name for a cut also known as blade steak, which comes from the shoulder blade. It earned its name due to the fact that once cut, the gristle in the centre causes the steak to resemble a fossilised feather. Once this gristle is removed, you’re left with the popular and versatile flatiron steak. We like this steak, and we like the name. It represents our English beginnings, and, in our humble opinion, the elegance and beauty of an ancient craft done right.

Who are we? 


Meet Ilana: Ilana is from the east coast but good fortune for us landed her in Vegas just as Featherblade opened its doors. Her case display work is unrivaled and she makes very pretty things out of lesser known cuts. She is also the best dancer in the shop. Ilana is a boss at Featherblade.


Meet Ryan: Ryan hails from the Lone Star state. He is one of the quickest knives in the shop and likes to teach our newbies the way of the blade. Tyler was originally hired to tidy up after Ryan, but those days are thankfully behind us, mostly. When not charming his way around the shop, he loves to hunt with guns and arrows in the great outdoors. Current nickname: The Cowboy.


Meet James AKA Jimmy: Jimmy is a Featherblade OG and has been here since the start. He does smile but mostly hides it under his beard. He likes sports teams that aren’t from Vegas. In a past life he was a chef on the strip. If you want something broken he is your man. Jimmy is a boss at Featherblade.


Meet Tyler: Tyler is our youngest team member. He is an ideas man and currently has 1,235 Featherblade patents pending. He likes ginger beer and hot pockets but we don’t hold it against him. Favorite phrase: it’s 5 ‘o clock, knives down. Current nickname: Captain Cleanup.


Meet John: John currently works part-time hours but his heart is full-time Featherblade. He likes to make new things and keeps his ideas in a tiny notebook with tiny handwriting no one else can read. He has many side hustles and is probably a secret millionaire. He has a boat, and a food truck, and maybe a jet too. Koji is his jam.


Meet Reed: Reed used to move people and their furniture so is much stronger than he looks. He likes films, especially the classics and has extensive knowledge on the subject. Reed rides a bike and builds rollercoasters when he has the time. He likes making us meat snacks, or, we like him making us meat snacks. Current nickname: The Colonel.


Meet Cory: Cory is the jolliest team member at Featherblade, if he isn’t smiling something is definitely wrong. Cory is a self-proclaimed modern day stoic and philosopher. Listen to his wise musings. He shreds guitar even better than he shreds beef, and he’s taken to the beef shredding pretty good.


Meet Jesse: Jesse, your typical strong silent type, is our newest Featherblader. He brews beer occasionally and dotes on his daughter. In a previous life he was a pro-gamer so he’d kick all our asses on Halo. He also plays darts and has requested a dart board for the shop. We’ll see.


Meet Gary: He is our resident vegan and comes out to play from October to December as he's a big fan of the holidays. He's not a big fan of dogs and his favorite food is spare ribs.


Meet Martin: I was born and raised in London, England, and I had the privilege of learning from a talented number of individuals at a couple of great butcher shops. My wife and I came to Vegas 4 years ago to open a store that would offer the finest ethically sourced meat, but also one that would place its’ focus on the customer and their service. To do that we had to find not just good people, but the very best. As you’ve seen if you’ve been in to our store and by the social posts we’ve put up recently, that’s exactly what we’re blessed with. For the past 2 years it’s been a pleasure to watch the team grow and learn with each other and with myself too as I have adapted to the new surroundings. We continue to evolve and grow as a team every day, and I’m very excited for the future of Featherblade.

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