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Our Farms

One of the most important things we do is take the time to establish and develop longstanding relationships with our farmers and suppliers. We ensure that their principles and ethos are in line with our own, and by doing so are able to maintain the high standards that we then pass onto you.

We try to keep it as local as we can, sourcing from our own and neighbouring states, and given our location, this extends to California, Colorado and Texas.


Our suppliers, ranchers and farmers are listed below, feel free to check them out. Also, if you know of any ranchers out there that may have a supply-line to Las Vegas, let us know!

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs)​

Community supported agriculture has grown in popularity in recent years as a great way for consumers to deal with farmers directly. If you don't know what it is, it is essentially buying a whole animal, on your own or with friends, then having it butchered to manageable portions ready for pickup or delivery.

The benefits are that you generally save money buying bulk, the meat tends to be a better quality than the commodity stuff the supermarket offers, and you get the warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that you have helped support an actual farmer in his or her profession.

We are happy to offer exactly the same service, using some of our farmers listed above. We can offer a whole, half or quarter steer, whole or half hog, and a whole or half lamb. We will hang it for as long as you prefer, then butcher it to your specifications, you can even come and watch if you want!

We’ve had some interest in quarter, half and whole steers in recent months so we thought it would be helpful to share the details online as it can be a lot of information to digest. Currently we have 3 farms available: Marinsun Farms, Santa Carota and Creekstone (Prime).

If you haven’t heard through us already, the Marinsun beef is all grass finished, the Carota beef is grass and carrot finished, and both are always pastured raised and never fed grain, GMO or anything cattle aren’t supposed to eat. The Creekstone is the best grass and grain finished beef we’ve come across so far; they have great ethical standards and they process everything themselves (this means no traveling which can cause stress for the animals).


Santa Carota and Marinsun will generally deliver a more earthy “old fashioned” actual beef texture and flavor so we recommend hanging this beef with us for at least 2-3 weeks for best results (to develop that texture and flavor). The Prime will be more marbled and developed by design which means it doesn’t need as much hanging time but you’re going to get a rich buttery flavor and texture in all those cuts. 


The choice is yours…

The Marinsun beef are average sized, the approximate size of the steer being about 700lb (350lb for half). These cost $7.50 per lb so you’re looking at about $5250 for a whole, $2625 for half and $1312 for a quarter.

The Santa Carota beef tend to be smaller, the average size of a whole steer being about 620lb (310lb for half). The cost of these is $7.90 per lb so you’re looking at approximately $4898 for a whole, $2449 for half, and about $1224 for a quarter.


The Prime steers are a lot bigger, weighing in at about 800lb for a whole, 400lb the half and 200lb for a quarter. They cost $6.90 per lb which means approximately $5520 for a whole, $2760 for half and about $1380 for a quarter.


All you need to do is decide which farm you want to source from, how much you want, and what you want from each cut. We have a guide sheet (below), and we can talk you through all the details as you make your choices. All butchery by us is included in the price (we enjoy it and it’s great practice for our trainees!) and we’ll package it however you want and will give you an estimated pickup date, once the booking is confirmed.


PLEASE NOTE: These weights are estimates and do not reflect the final weight or price, but generally, the delivered steers are not too far off the estimates in our experience. All butchery and packaging is included so what we quote is the final price. You will receive everything that we get delivered to us from the farm. We will render the fat into tallow if you wish (or you can do that yourself), and will cut the bones up for broth and or dog bones. Any meat trimmings will be included in your grind or burger selection.

To find out more, or to place an order, give us a call at the store or check out our Meat Box options in our online store HERE.

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