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Featherblade Manager Job Description

This incorporates the day-to-day activities of the team member position (listed below) with additional managerial responsibilities:

  • PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Promoting the business by example, ensuring the customer service, the meat, displays, and the store are always presented to the very highest standards

  • Motivation, supervision and training of team members as and when required, ensuring that they adhere to the above

  • Seasonal business and promotional planning and management 

  • New product development and introduction

  • Team Member Scheduling

  • Inventory ordering, receiving and control 

Team Member Job Description 




Using traditional methods and practices we provide the public with delicious, beautifully prepared, ethically reared and sustainably sourced meat in return for a fair price. Our values underpin everything we do, and as a result we like to consider ourselves a customer service company that also sells high quality meat.


Our Values


  • To consistently provide the public with their best retail experience 

  • To only use and advocate for sustainable and ethically sourced meat

  • To encourage and assist in the growth and happiness of our employees

  • To create opportunities for real farmers and ranchers to prosper in their trade

  • To minimize our impact on the environment as much as is possible to do so

  • To be an active participant in our local community


The ideal Featherblade team member will be passionate about meat and food, about where the food we eat comes from, and how it is processed. Customer service is at the forefront of our industry and our job is threefold: to serve high quality delicious meat, to sincerely advise on optimal preparation and cooking techniques, and to educate customers where necessary. Passion breeds motivation, and motivation breeds passion, in a beautiful virtuous circle, so if you’re looking for a place to clock in and collect a paycheck, this isn’t for you. If you're not familiar with any of the activities listed below, don't worry, that can be taught.


Day-to-Day Activities


  • Setting up and filling meat and display cases

  • Serving and advising customers with whatever they need

  • Receiving deliveries and maintaining good fridge management

  • Maintaining an extremely high standard of food safety and shop cleanliness


In addition the following meat preparation tasks will be required on a regular basis:

  • Breaking down carcasses

  • Deboning and preparing primal cuts

  • Preparing delicate display pieces

  • Sausage-making

  • Bacon curing and smoking


Every member of the Featherblade team will also be encouraged to propose new ideas, be they promotional, seasonal, or general marketing ideas. Innovative or alternative processes to enhance the operation of the shop will be welcomed, as well as suggestions for new products and recipes.  


Boring Stuff


These are a few standard requirements for working or training as a butcher at Featherblade:


  • Be at least 18 years of age, and have a high school diploma or equivalent and have a basic knowledge of math, weights and measures

  • Be dependable, reliable, and perform other related duties as assigned

  • Have and show an outgoing and friendly demeanor; a positive attitude and the ability to interact with our customers

  • Have the ability to work a flexible schedule that changes as the business grows, especially extended hours at peak seasonal times

  • Have communication skills and the ability to take direction and participate in a team environment

  • Perform general housekeeping in the department; clean and sanitize work area (including tables, floor, walls, cases, cooler, freezer, etc.)

  • Adhere to all safety, health, weights and measures regulations, and company recipes

  • Must be capable of standing for up to 4 hour continuously, and a total of 8 hours per shift is a must; could walk up to 2 miles per 8 hours

  • Be able to work inside a temperature controlled area, and perform general housekeeping in the department; clean and sanitize work area (including tables, floor, walls, cases, cooler, freezer, etc.)

  • Possess good vision required for using sharp knives, band saw, grinder, sausage maker, box cutter and wrapping machine

  • Be able to lift/carry/move heavy meat or boxes, at least 40lb unassisted 




 In addition to their salary, qualifying full-time team members receive the following:


  • 25% employee discount on everything we sell

  • 2 weeks paid time off per calendar year (pro-rated if starting during the year)

  • Paid family leave

  • The choice between – 

    • Health insurance contributions via a HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement)

    • Employer matched retirement fund contributions

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