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Featherblade is pretty new here in town so the task of organizing and ordering for our first holiday season, including Thanksgiving (which isn’t really a thing in England) and through a continuing pandemic (which we’re all sick of now I’m sure), definitely raised some challenges, but that’s all part of the fun right?

We have searched far and wide for small farms that would be willing and able (some were willing but unable) to provide proper pasture-raised turkeys for us this year. It’s what we were used to in England and it’s what we wanted to provide here in Las Vegas. It was difficult this time round unfortunately. If you don’t know already however, Las Vegas is pretty much an island, in a valley, in a desert, in a huge country, and from a delivery perspective, it’s going to be hard getting some things in to us here.

We’d like to change this in future, as supporting smaller farms and ranchers is what we are all about. That said, we still have some fantastic options for you this coming holiday season. For our first year we’re going to be offering turkeys and turkey crown roasts from Diestel Farms, CA. They raise their birds slowly and naturally, and outdoors, truly free-range, not just in a barn with the windows open. Their welfare and ethical practices align with our own and to be honest it was either them or Mary’s and we prefer the finish on the Diestel brand, having tried them both. We’re able to offer whole birds, as well as bone-in and boneless turkey breast roasts. As you’ll see below, the boneless breast roast is where we pride ourselves on doing something a little different and creative, especially being the craft butchery that we are. The Featherblade team loves to create, invent, and surprise with new ideas every week, and if you want to have a little bit of that magic on your table this holiday season then let us know, and we’ll make it happen.

If you do opt for a whole bird this year, please also choose a higher welfare bird, either from us or somewhere else. If you want to try something else or new and different, we invite you to try a stuffed boneless crown roast or a multi-bird roast which can be tailored to your exact requirements. If you’re not fussed on the old turkey-bird ask us about something else, we’ll be offering geese, duck, game, chicken, pork, lamb and beef, we’ll do our best to source anything you need!

In any event, we truly thank you for your support, and from our Featherblade Family to yours, we look forward to helping you finish off this year better than it started.

Check out the Holidays page on the website for more, or talk to one one of us in-store.

Thank you.


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