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This is the team favorite! If you've been in store or know us at all then you know we love what we do, and that is whole animal butchery. The team will get together at the start of each month and curate a new meat box for those who put their trust in us. If you choose this you can specify what is definitely off limits but otherwise we will choose a variety of cuts that we love and appreciate, with an emphasis on whole animal butchery. And don't worry we'll have some tips on how to cook it if you haven't got a clue! 


It won't be all random cuts and b-sides, we'll throw in some favorites but you can expect to see on any given month some of the following:


Ground beef

Hanger steak 

Bavette steak

Picanha steak

Assorted ribeyes

A mix of our burgers

A mix of sausages

Heritage breed pork chops

Jidori free range chicken 

Pastured raised lamb cuts

Pies and pastry goodies

Basically anything great that we do!


We'll always aim for the value to be approximately $150.


The Featherblade Box

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Featherblade Box
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$108.00every month until canceled
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