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Featherblade is the only whole animal butchery serving Las Vegas. Our mission is simple: Using traditional methods and practices of the age-old craft of butchery we provide beautifully prepared, ethically reared and sustainably sourced meat. We advocate choosing and eating only the finest produce that is properly and naturally raised, free from chemicals or hormones of any kind. This means you can enjoy meat that is environmentally conscious, cruelty-free, nutrient rich, and above all, delicious! 

Grazing cow on pasture

Our Farms

One of the most important things we do is take the time to establish and develop longstanding relationships with our farmers and suppliers. We ensure that their principles and ethos are in line with our own, and by doing so are able to maintain the high standards that we then pass onto you.

We try to keep it as local as possible, sourcing from our own and neighboring states, and there isn't a thing we sell, that didn't come from one of our trusted sources. Find out who our farmers and ranchers are HERE.

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