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It's Finally Happening!

Good morning everyone!

I'm about to head in for the last day before we finally open the doors of Featherblade to the public. It's been a long journey but the work has paid off, and we're very excited to get going.

Thanks again for subscribing, for your interest, and for your well-wishes and kind messages.

We're very pleased with what we have to offer this weekend; usual suspects like sausage, bacon, sausage rolls, as well as some amazing beef, pork and lamb from Creekstone Farm, Las Vegas Livestock and Superior Farms respectively. The star of the show however is the Santa Carota (or Carrot Cow) beef, which is pasture-raised grass-fed beef, which they finish on carrots by literally throwing a load of carrots into the field. The sugar and beta-carotene really shines through and it's next level stuff... worth a try if you're into your beef.

If it is busy tomorrow and you haven't the time to wait, we'll be open every day after that too so don't worry. It's our first day in our new shop with our new team, so please be gentle with us!

That said, the team and I look forward to meeting you all.

See you soon.

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