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The need for calm. And toilet roll.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Well then. These are unprecedented times aren’t they? You’ve heard it through the news, social media and your friends every day for the past 6 weeks or more. Things have gone from seeing numbers of confirmed cases of a virus in a far away country on the news to all of your bars, restaurants, shops and gyms being closed and you being told to stay inside. You pop to the supermarket and everyone has lost their mind, buying toilet roll and soap at a level that makes you wonder what they used or did before. Now we find ourselves communicating with friends and family through communal apps like Houseparty, drinking loads and musing at corona-memes half the day.

I was lucky enough to make it back to my wife, pug and family 3 days before the travel ban from the UK was imposed. Moreover at the time of writing no one in our household is symptomatic and we continue to exercise precaution. Suffice it to say given what’s been happening it’s with sadness that I admit it’s unlikely there will be a Featherblade store this year.

The plan had been to land here permanently in Spring, and immediately start the ball rolling with premises, designing the shop and getting things up and moving. But as everyone knows, bad things can happen, and now that plan has changed.

This is not a cry for sympathy, just an update on our situation. That’s the last I’ll mention it, and I recognize and understand there are a lot of people in far worse circumstances than me. I consider myself lucky that I have support around me to wait this mess out, and I have genuine concern for my family, friends and strangers who have been affected or will be affected by the virus situation in the near future. Like everyone, I hope that by isolating and waiting it out we will reduce its impact, and reduce possible damage to the vulnerable and elderly of our population. I’m not into preaching or political posts so all I’m saying is be sensible and be safe, and if you’re about to buy 300 toilet rolls, if you can find that many, spare a thought for someone else who might need a couple of those too.

I will continue to develop the website and blog throughout the holding period, anticipating the time when this is behind us, when we will all be enjoying what we know to be normal life again in this amazing city of Las Vegas that I now proudly call home. We’ll get the shop open whenever is feasible, hopefully early next year. Please feel free to chat if you want. I’ll still post some of the recipes I had planned to, and I encourage everyone to comment, critique or post their own recipes of course.

Lastly, I know some may be struggling financially now but if you’re in the position to support any local restaurants or food stores that are remaining open throughout this difficult time, please do so, either via curbside pickup or future voucher purchase. The big chains have a better chance than the independents of weathering the storm. It’s a fiercely harsh turn, but it will pass and we will return Vegas Strong. x

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